We are passionately looking for for highly motivated, and talented postdoctoral fellows for two postdoc positions. Competitive candidates should be interested in at least one of the following areas: super-resolution microscopy, expansion microscopy, structural biology, cell signaling, live-cell imaging, single-particle tracking, microfluidics, single-cell multiomics (transcriptomics, proteomics, etc.), computational imaging, systems biology, biochemistry, protein engineering, and optics. Postdoctoral candidates should have experience and a publication track record in any of the above fields. 

  1. The primary job function for the postdoc position in super-resolution microscopy is to conduct research in the area of superresolution microscopy in the lab. This includes (a) taking a primary role in ongoing superresolution microscopy development projects; (b) leading or participating in projects on imaging-based single-cell multiomics. 

  2. The primary job function for the postdoc position in cell biology is to conduct research in structural biology and cell signaling in the lab. This includes a) leading projects on structural study of nuclear periphery, chromatin organization, and other cellular organelles using super-resolution microscopy; b) leading or participating in projects on Hedgehog signaling pathway; c) generating stable cell lines. 

Upon arrival, the postdocs will be further trained on super-resolution microscopy and expansion microscopy (if needed). The postdoc will also have freedom to develop new projects and new collaborations according to their research interests.

To apply, please email your CV to  

Graduate students:

We welcome students from the following programs to apply:

Cellular & Molecular Biosciences Program (CMB), Mathematical, Computational & Systems Biology (MCSB), and graduate programs of relevant departments.

Undergraduate students:

We are taking highly motivated UCI undergraduates through Bio199 program. Work study students are also encouraged to apply for research assistant positions.

Xiaoyu Shi | UC Irvine | 1216 Natural Sciences I, Irvine, CA 92697 

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